Tips: How to make a wedding invitation more romantic in Adobe Illustrator

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Today we are showing some tricks to making a Wedding Invitation card design more interesting. There a lots of tricks, but this one we find more romantic and attractive. When composing a design it is necessary to pay attention to little details, but it is also very important to add effects, in order to obtain an interesting approach.

We applied the Gaussian blur effect to obtain this romantic vibe background and here are the steps to making it:

Select the object you need, and simply use Effect/Gaussian Blur with any radius that looks good on the object

After that, apply Rasterize. You can now make the Image trace with a high quality.

At the end simply make Expand object. Your object after that is all grouped, and needs to be ungrouped to delete the unnecessary white rectangle background.

Don’t forget to group everything back. Now here is the result and it looks really great

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